Multi-Brands Boutique as Showroom
We opened new showroom in Moscow and strengthen market position in Russia and CIS. DOOSHION GARMENT CO., LTD. has expanded its presence in Russia and the CIS states by opening a showroom in Moscow.

The Company will display its product lines in the showroom, which covers approximately 200 square meters. The location – the “Danilovskaya Manufaktura 1867” area, situated centrally in the Loft Quarter – is perfect for the lifestyle of our brands. The main elements of the strategy for the expansion in Russia and the CIS states are the constant augmentation of the franchise network and the extension of wholesale activities.

Also our main show room is located in Beijing.

DGC boutique showroom is located in the Ritan international trade center of the Beijing business district. The produced garments are showcased in the showroom that has cozy and customer friendly atmosphere. Anybody interested in our products are welcomed to visit our showroom.