Snowimage Support
Почему с выгодно работать с проектом Snowimage
All products are standardized and have all the necessary certificates .
An important advantage is a practice of agency agreement including fixed sales territory .
We provide free promotional materials to promote Snowimage at points of sale .
The company provides Posters with seasonal advertising images , posters , various POS- materials to create a unique image for Snowimage products and increase attention to the collections .
Regional Securing the areas of sale:
Our company has a policy of regional security for agents . We practice signing an agreement on certain commercial areas , it may be exclusive area, city, or shopping mall to reduce a competition between agents in specific areas.
We are working towards the development a strong chain of Snowimage stores and are willing to provide the entire package of services for that.
From negotiation a space in high level shopping malls, design preliminary and architectural projects , to providing shop equipment .
We provide shop equipment
Racks, garment rails, logo light boxes, mannequins and branded hangers to create a unique look for Snowimage retail space.
Financial support for shop opening.
Company takes care about compensation a huge part of expenses for construction Snowimage brand store .