Agents Recruiting Policy
Main Targets
Big chain retailers, single-shop retailers.
Cooperation Ways
For the successful brand development , we have created several models of cooperation:
Exclusive model - an exclusive agency agreement.
In order to cover a certain area and increase the market share, the company set up an exclusive contract to establish long-term and stable relationships with dealers.

After finalizing an exclusive agency agreement for a specified territory , the company will no longer consider the inquiries of new customers. Our priority will be to protect the interests of exclusive partners and protecting statements and conditions specified in the contract.
Franchise – Snowimage Brand store
Our company is looking for cooperation with franchising, we are ready to set up a strong chain of Snowimage stores. From our side we develop the concept of branded retail space , create an exclusive architectural design , floor plans, etc.

We produce all the shop equipment and share the part of construction expenses for new brand shops. We also provide an advertisement support with POS materials,

Seasonal posters and etc.
We are interested to work with strong and recognizable multibrand chains.
Sales Network
United States, Canada , North America
CIS and Eastern Europe
EU countries
Conditions for
successful collaboration
Understanding the concept of brand SNOWIMAGE, willingness to work with well-known and successful player in the market of fashion clothing.
Sales network : to have an extensive network of stores and strong distribution channels . The number of stores is to discuss depending on the region.
Management: to have a successful experience in managing stores and chains. Having a good business reputation, strong nerves and a good sense of humor.
A certain degree of financial stability , volume of sales is increasing every sales season according to a scale of particular region and it is mentioned in agency agreement.
The priority should be given to Snowimage products,

Working on the creation and integration of Snowimage brand;
Process to Be an Agent